The faster the customer service, the happier the customer. Having the customers as the center and core of the business, if we want to keep them happy, we must not keep them waiting and we must do everything within our power for them to get what they need as fast as possible. A user-friendly and efficient support ticketing system can help the customers get their issues resolved and their questions answered more quickly and more adequately.

Our support ticketing solution, at Sanet Telecom, makes communication with the customer or the client easier and is suitable for both B2B and B2C. Our support ticketing platform, gives customers the chance to get an answer or a resolution through chat, opening a ticket, or even reading the customized and detailed FAQ. As the ticketing platform keeps a log of each customer or client’s issues and problems, the customer care officer can more easily and more quickly assist them, as s/he can see the resolutions previously given to the customers or the clients. The customers can narrow down the issue with the help of the specified fields that need to be filled in upon opening a ticket, so that the customer care officer can help them more efficiently.