As a step to cut the unreasonable costs, virtual PBX service has been introduced to the world of businesses and enterprises. It is a service that makes it possible for you to have a telephone service for your company, which is based on the internet cloud and is not bound to cables and PSTN. No matter how big or small your business is, you can use virtual PBX and you can have as many extensions and as many concurrent calls as you want. Virtual PBX helps you to route all calls directly to the person and the extension that you want and avoid unnecessary circulation of the call from extension to extension, finally ending in call failure.

Our virtual PBX service, at Sanet Telecom, comes with many useful features, such as call conferencing, 3-way calling, call transferring, call waiting, auto-routing, follow-me, do not disturb; and it is very easy to use. Once you subscribe to our virtual PBX service, with a small amount of monthly fee, you will get IP phones which are already set up and all you need to do is to connect them to your internet line and do the simple configuration; and in case any issue comes up, our support team is there to help you. This service saves you from having extra unnecessary PBX hardware and wiring and you no longer need to pay any additional charges, for telephone lines. With this service you will get access to a manageable portal and will get features such as IVR, ring group, and even call center module if needed.