This service entails that a business gets a partition on a big and hi-tech softswitch and pays a monthly fee for it. The service of softswitch partitioning is beneficial for all voice carriers and voice resellers, as it saves the businesses from unreasonable extra costs and avoid waste of time and energy as they can get the softswitch set up and customized, as they want it, and they do not need to go through the trouble of fixing its issues. Having it secured and supported by the partition provider, they can manage the softswitch themselves and have it under their own control.

Our softswitch partitioning service is customizable and flexible based on your traffic profile and the amount of concurrent calls that you will have. We will provide you with the best option that suits your business goals and with the lowest rates. Sanet Telecom’s softswitches support various codec protocols, and routing types and have numerous features such as LCR, different routing methods, and gateway administration. Our softswitch partitioning also includes components such as, billing, monitoring, and notification. With this service, you will get the necessary training and a 24/7 technical support, in case you face an issue and need assistance. This service is secured and safeguarded and all the data that you will store on our softswitch will be subject to privacy policies and nobody, except authorized users from your side, has access to them.