Having customers at the center of our business, we have always had the desire of expanding our business scope, so that we can provide retail users and customers with various services within telecommunication industry.

We finally fulfilled this desire, by establishing our first retail brand, Tellos, which mainly provides users with the chance to make international calls and send international SMSs with much lower rates, compared to other competitions in the market. Tellos has a professional team of marketing, engineering, and customer service, located in Stockholm, Sweden. This team is always trying to improve and update its services and come up with new products which will satisfy all tastes, all around the world.


Tellos, provides you with all sorts of services and products within telecommunication, with the purpose of making your personal and professional life easier.
Using our APPs, you can have a free chat and make free audio and video calls to other Tellos users, check our monthly plans, buy DIDs, send low rate international SMS and make cheap international calls.
We have thought of students, migrants, families who are in different parts of the world, business owners, and etc. and have a solution for each of their communicational needs. Tellos has made it easier to take some time and get connected to those that matter to us.
Tellos is moving with the pace of the developing technologies in the world, so that its users can have access to the most up to date services and apps.