Design and Installation of Voice Networks:

We can design, set up, and implement a voice network for your company which simply enables you to connect your gateways and we can give you consultation on whether a TDM network or an IP network is preferable for your situation. We can also help you to migrate from TDM to IP or the other way around. To get this package, you must pay a one-time fee which is dependent on your configurations and in case you want technical support, you can easily get it with a small amount of monthly fee.

Voice Network QOS:

QoS (Quality of Service) is a dominant issue within VOIP and telecommunication, as it is very important to have a stable service and avoid down-time, and to make sure that the voice traffic will be connected without delay and packet loss. We provide voice carrier companies with a platform to deeply monitor their traffic and the quality of their service and in case they need to optimize their service quality, we can give them consultation on how to do this task

Retail Platform:

We can help your company to widen its scope and start retail sales and services. We have the necessary knowledge and information, for what you might need, such as a CRM, a user portal, a website, an application, etc. For all the above mentioned platforms and features, we can either give you consultation on how to get them done or do the required setup and configuration. You can also choose to get them all as a package or each one of them that you need or prefer. Alongside all these, you can also get our technical support team to help you after the configuration, for a small monthly charge. You can check out our own retail brand as a sample of our work.

Customized APP Development and APP Optimization:

If you want to move forward with the latest technologies and applications and have your own customized application designed for you, we have a sophisticated team of APP developers who are well experienced and have different specialties within iOS, Android, Windows and MAC platforms. For a sample of their APP design, please refer to our own retail brand.